We believe in empowering everyone to find their own level of independence and utilize their unique skills. Since 1971, we have been putting people to work and providing cost effective options for staffing and production services in the Greenville area. Our skillful and dedicated employees get incredible satisfaction from completing tasks that allow them to develop their skills, earn income and contribute to the company’s success.

Through our day services and contract services, individuals learn important motor and production skills. We partner with companies to provide a variety of work opportunities for individuals, including:

  • Work in “enclaves” (groups) at Greenville County businesses, supervised by our staff.
  • Competitive employment with support from employment specialists.

Thrive Upstate is so proud of our workers in this incredible video.  Thrive Upstate workers featured in the video “Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do…..”

Enclave workers at Creform Enclave Workers at Sunland Logistics Enclave Workers at Sunland Logistics