Thrive Upstate provides day services for eligible adults living in our Greenville County community.

How We Help

Day Activity and Community Services programs aim to enrich the lives of individuals served, increase their independence in self-care and daily living skills, enhance their physical coordination and dexterity, challenge their cognitive skills, develop their social and communication skills, and prepare them for an ever increasing presence in their community.

  • Day Activity Servicesprovides opportunities for meaningful activities in the areas of work, art, music, literature, creative movement, horticulture, history, character education, health and nutrition, community outings and personal interests.  Check out our talented individuals in this trailer “Invitation to Dance.”
  • Community Services provides the same offerings but with more opportunities for integration with the community and a focus on self-determination, self-advocacy, socialization, and the accrual of social capital.

To join a day program, please contact your case manager and request a referral for Day Services or contact:
          Angie Ballenger, Director of Day Services
          Phone: 864-679-0220 Ext. 053

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