Arts Class, Fountain Inn Center



Red Ribbon Week, Patrick Center


At Thrive Upstate we believe that play is essential to living a fulfilled life at every age. From the ever popular Special Olympics Spring Games to numerous other events and activities year round, we provide opportunities for the individuals we serve to engage in recreation. Our staff survey each individual receiving Residential and Day Services regarding their hobbies and interests, and plan outings and activities with their preferences in mind.

Fisher Farms

Shipwreck Cove

Anderson Duck Pond

Mr. Gatti’s 
The Greenville Zoo
Blue Ridge Thrive Pride

Greenville Drive Fans

Top Golf, Greenville

Drumming Up Awareness, Downtown Greenville

Winner of the Joel Poinsett Award for Best Float, Christmas 2018

Volunteer Landscapers at the Cancer Survivor Park 

Greeters Invited to the Microsoft World Summit, 2019
Grenville Greeters at Michelin

HASCI Group on the Trolley
HASCI Group at the Greenville Zoo
HASCI Play at McAlister Square
Special Olympics, 2019
United Way Fundraiser, Dunk Tank