Who We Help

Greenville Greeters provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop skills for the workplace while also offering volunteer opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.

How We Help

  • Increased awareness of local companies of the abilities of individuals with disabilities to be or become employable through educational materials
  • Provide opportunities for interaction with individuals with disabilities in the work place

How Your Company Can Participate

The Greenville Greeters program host companies allow time for program participants to greet employees during some part of their day at work. During this meet and greet exchange, the Greenville Greeters will interact with employees and reference educational materials on disability awareness, as well as provide employees with a sticker that completes their greeting experience. Ideally, the program would last for 4 weeks, onsite for 1-2 days per week with a 90 minute window for the meet and greet exchange.The Greenville Greeters are also available for special events. For more information on becoming a host company, click here.

Spinx RunFest Marathon, Downtown Greenville



Thrive Upstate  Greenville Greeters were invited to Atlanta, Georgia to be a part of Microsoft’s Business Application Summit held on June 11, 2019.  The Greeters welcomed thousands of attendees to the closing keynote session of the annual software summit, reminding everyone to find the joy in life.