Contract Services

By partnering with many local businesses, Contract Services is able to provide in-house employment to individuals who are not able or ready to enter into competitive employment. These services are not job specific, but instead aimed at a generalized result. Businesses understand the value of our individuals when it comes to providing quality fulfilment, packaging, and assembly. Individuals are taught concepts such as compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving, safety, and self-advocacy.

Who We Help

We provide services to individuals with disabilities and special needs who are in need of support, training, and advocacy in order to advance toward independence through employment opportunities.

How We Help

A trained staff of Vocational Trainers, Supervisors and Managers all provide an environment of positive reinforcement, recommendations, and support that help provide a more independent lifestyle while also promoting a more confident self-image and quality of life.

How to Get Assistance

Eligibility determination is done by the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN). For more information about applying for services and eligibility criteria visit the SCDDSN website. To get started with the eligibility process, please call 1-866-867-3864 toll free.


Our Contract Services Partners:
Standard Motors
D & W Fine Pack
T&S Brass
Boss Bolt & Tool
Fisher Barton
Farm to Belly


Martin Watson
Director of Contract Services
864-288-1907 ext. 3553


Blue Ridge
Fountain Inn
Patrick Center

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